Wishlist Wednesday: The Gucci Bag Edit

Wishlist Wednesday: The Gucci Bag Edit | TheLizzieLloyd.com

It’s Wishlist Wednesday time again!

 Gucci have been absolutely killing it lately and whilst I’m digging their ready-to-wear, it’s their bags that are giving me all the heart eyes.

As you might be able to tell from this roundup, I’m super into mini bags at the moment. I’m also crushing hard over one type in particular: the belt bag. I touched upon why I love the humble bum bag in a Wishlist Wednesday a few weeks ago, so check that out if you haven’t already, but in a nutshell this easy breezy bag suits my lifestyle down to a T. I love to be handsfree whenever possible so a belt bag is perfect for carrying around my essentials both day and night. It should come as no surprise then that all bar one of the bags in this edit can be worn as a cute lil fanny pack.

Hope you enjoy!

PS. Just an FYI, Gucci have had a price increase on the majority of their bags literally this morning 🙁 Whilst their actual belts (not belt bags) remain the same price, the bulk of their bags seem to have increased by around the 10% mark. Such a bummer (couldn’t help it!) but definitely worth knowing!


1. GG Marmont matelassé leather belt bag

It was this beauty that kickstarted my designer bum bag obsession, after I clocked it in Gucci’s Pre-Fall 17 collection.

I mentioned (read: waxed lyrical about) this bag in a Wishlist Wednesday a while ago and I’m still super in love with it. Everything about this killer piece gets my juices flowing: the colour (red has been a fave for several seasons now), the sporty shape, the super soft leather, the quilting and the antique gold GG hardware. There’s really nothing I dislike about it at all.

Whilst this bag would look amazing worn as intended on the waist and paired with everything from dresses to jumpsuits to high-waisted jeans and a tee, it’s far from a one-trick pony. It can also be styled as a crossbody for a super casual vibe or slipped off the belt and used as a clutch when you’re feeling fancy. What’s not to love?!


2. Dionysus GG Supreme mini bag

Although on reflection I don’t think I’ll end up getting this bag for several reasons, I do think it’s beautiful all the same. The main reason I likely won’t purchase it is because it’s too similar to the new super mini version (below) which I’ll hopefully pick up at some point instead.

Another reason is because although this bag can be worn a ton of different ways, none are 100% perfect for me personally. I wouldn’t wear this on one shoulder either with the strap at it’s longest or doubled up as neither is really my style. I’d want to wear it as a crossbody but this bag doesn’t work out for me worn like that as, without making the strap look awkward, it sits too low on my body for my taste. I like my crossbody bags to sit on or just above my hipbone, as any lower than that they kind of bounce around as you walk and I find it super annoying. Plus, I don’t think that having a bag that low is flattering on the body. From a styling point-of-view, it makes your legs look shorter by making your body look disproportionately long. However, bags have the opposite effect when they’re worn higher up, particularly when paired with anything high-waisted which most things I wear tend to be.

You can do a little Chanel WOC-style hack with the strap to make it shorter when worn crossbody but it doesn’t work particularly well with this bag. Unlike the super mini where the straps come out from inside the bag, the strap on the mini size is threaded across the top. Exactly like the Chanel WOC, if you want to shorten the strap on the super mini you simply cross the straps over underneath the flap and bring each strap over to the other side and lift them out. This way when you close the bag the crossover is hidden. You can also shorten the straps on the mini by crossing them over underneath the flap and bringing them out on opposite sides but in doing so the chain will have to be doubled up as the strap lies across the top of the bag to begin with. The end result will look a little awkward because the strap will clearly look like it’s been wrapped around the flap and it’s likely that it won’t sit properly due to the chunky chain. I don’t know about you but if I’m dropping 1k on a bag, awkward is the last thing I want it to be looking.

If it’s worn as intended though, this bag is really gorgeous. But it’s just not quite perfect for me so I’ll continue to admire this one from afar.


3. Dionysus GG Supreme super mini bag

I love love love this one! I’ve never owned, or really been drawn to, a piece in Gucci’s monogram before but there’s just something about this bag that’s doing it for me.

It can be worn a ton of different ways which I’m all about: as a crossbody (that sits high enough for my liking!), as a clutch (as the chain detaches) and the pièce de résistance, as a belt bag! There’s a little key ring attached to the inside of the bag that is intended to be used to clip the super mini onto larger bags. However, the chain is long enough to reach around the body and clip onto the key ring on the other side to make a super cute little waist bag. How cool is that?!

Whilst the mini is definitely more practical size-wise, I love how cute the super mini’s look. I haven’t seen one in person yet but going by the measurements online, as the name suggests, this bag is really  quite tiny. Also, as it’s coated canvas it will have a lot less give than the super soft Marmont matelassé leather range. This means that compared to the other super mini below, this one will seem smaller as you’ll be able to fit even less inside so I’d definitely want to try it on first to make sure it’s not ridiculously impractical.

Oh and just a little FYI in case you were wondering, the iPhone Plus doesn’t fit inside this bag but the 6/7/8 does. I’m due to upgrade my phone in a few months and I’m not too sure which size to plump for yet so that could be a real deal breaker!

4. GG Marmont matelassé leather super mini bag


The function of this bag is pretty much identical to the super mini above that I’ve already raved about so I’ll keep this one brief. However, there’s one big difference: this one fits an iPhone Plus comfortably inside it which I’m sure is music to Plus-owners’ ears.

This bag is really cute and as I’ve already mentioned, I’m loving the design of the GG Marmont matelassé leather range. However, I’m neither made of money nor totally reckless so there’s really only room for one red quilted Gucci number in my collection and for me personally, the belt bag wins every time.


5. GG Supreme belt bag

Gucci GG Supreme belt bag | TheLizzieLloyd.comI’m really digging this one but James, my boyfriend, says it looks like it came from a looky looky man which has slightly tainted it for me haha. It may not be to everyone’s taste but I think it’s absolutely amazing, for me it’s so bad that it’s good! This is more of a Summer bag in my eyes though and as I don’t think I’ll get the use out of it now, I’m going to wait until around Springtime next year. If I’m still loving it then it’s going straight in my basket!

Until I stumbled across this in the men’s section, I’d never seen it before but there are so many things I love about it. For starters, I always wear this style of bumbag at festivals anyway, so it’d be a really cool update to the ones I already have. Also, it’s coated canvas and black leather with a rubberised zip and a canvas adjustable waistband that’s secured with a clip which makes it both totally carefree and basically indestructible.

For me it’s also got a streetwear vibe to it which I love. I think it’s the perfect piece to throw on top of an otherwise super basic outfit (like a T-shirt dress and trainers, for example) to add a bit of edge and totally elevate your look.

What’s on your Gucci wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

Lizzie xx


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