J’adore my white vinyl trousers

OOTD: J'adore white vinyl trousers | TheLizzieLloyd.com

Chuck on a pair of vinyl trousers and you’ll look more than an all-white…

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve been obsessed with vinyl trousers ever since I picked up my first pair around this time last year. I don’t know where I saw them first, but I remember wanting some for ages and I couldn’t find any anywhere that weren’t hideously expensive. That was until I stumbled across my gateway, my black pair from French Connection, and the rest, as they say, is history. I’ve since built up a little collection (obvs) in a ton of different shades and I’m super excited that it’s getting a little chillier as it means I’ll soon be able to crack them out on the regs. There will most definitely be a vinyl-overload on the blog/insta so apologies in advance but they are just too good!

For the longest time it’s actually been pretty difficult to get hold of a pair of vinyl trousers as they’ve been perennially sold out. However, in the last few months they’ve really exploded and every high-street retailer worth their salt has them, which is music to my ears! I’m definitely going to do a round-up of the best vinyl on the high-street super soon as there are so so many amazing options out there right now that are ripe for the picking.

OOTD: J'adore white vinyl trousers | TheLizzieLloyd.com

Vinyl trousers are my new skinny jeans. A skinny jean may be flattering but let’s face it, it’s super basic. Vinyl trousers, however, are a completely different story. They give you the form-fitting flattery of a skinny jean but are such a stand-out alternative due to their unique texture. There’s also something about them that just oozes sex appeal. I feel hot as hell in them!

Also, as they’re an update on a staple that you’ll no doubt already own and wear to death, a pair of vinyl trousers will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. They’re just as versatile as a skinny jean too but so much more fun. Pair them with a chunky knit and trainers for a casual-but-still-hot look or throw on a pair of heels to look like absolute fire on a night out. They really are the perfect feel-good statement piece and I cannot rave about them enough.

OOTD: J'adore white vinyl trousers | TheLizzieLloyd.com

These trousers in particular are Topshop’s Jamie jean reimagined in vinyl. The Jamie jean has been my go-to high-street skinny for years now so it’s no surprise that I’m crushing hard on the vinyl version. Figure-wise, I’m pretty much straight up and down so I always opt for high-waisted erythang. As I’ve mentioned before, a high-waist really lengthens the legs. It gives the illusion of legs for days, which is always a winner in my book, but it also gives me a semblance of a waist too.

Who’d have thought white vinyl trousers would be so flattering though? Certainly not me, before I picked these up I didn’t even own a pair of white trousers. I actually prefer these over my black ones and whilst I also love my red pair, the white is so much versatile. Also, I’ve never seen anybody else in a white pair, not even online, so I love how unique they are.

I like to pull these trousers upwards to create a little bagging around the legs as I prefer an ever-so-slightly oversized fit, particularly around  I find that it’s not only more forgiving but as they’re not skintight it also makes vinyl trousers more daytime-appropriate. I also wanted to be able to wear them with trainers but I found that the more cropped styles (which look great with boots and heels) didn’t look quite right as they were cut too high. However, Topshop offer a ton of length options (which is amazing!) so I went for the longest length I could find, a 34 leg (FYI, I’m 5ft8 for reference), and they’re exactly what I was after.

OOTD: J'adore white vinyl trousers | TheLizzieLloyd.com

I’ve already written a post waxing lyrical about slogan t-shirts, so check that out if you haven’t already, but I’m loving them paired with vinyl trousers. A fun slogan tee tones down the sexiness of the vinyl a tad, just enough to prevent it from erring into too much territory, resulting in a more nonchalant look which j’adore.

I particularly like the combo of red writing on a white t-shirt as I like how punchy it looks, so I had to snap up this cute but super simple tee. I’m also absolutely loving red at the moment so this t-shirt will co-ordinate nicely with the rouge overload that my wardrobe is currently experiencing.

OOTD: J'adore white vinyl trousers | TheLizzieLloyd.com

I’m also loving wearing one colour head-to-toe at the moment, I think it’s such a statement look which I’m all about.

This jacket is a such a great buy that I’ve also picked it up in red and yellow now too (obvs). I love how cropped it is as it works well with my wardrobe that’s high-waist central, really cementing that illusion of longer legs. It’s also super affordable which is a bonus!

On a side note, now’s a good time to share a handy styling trick that I’ve been doing subconsciously for years: the sleeve push-up. With anything long-sleeved I always like to push my sleeves up so that my forearms are visible or at the very least my wrists (saucy), if it’s possible to. The reason I do this is because anything with long sleeves is essentially masking your body with an added layer so, unless it’s lycra, it’s almost certainly going to make you look bigger than you actually are. However, your wrists and forearms are the smallest part of your body, so if they’re visible then you can still see your frame which counteracts this. The fact that this jacket is faux leather works to my advantage as it’s a lot easier to hitch up the sleeves on faux than it is on thicker real leather versions.

As an aside, I got turned on to Bershka’s outerwear last year when I found my red, cropped high-neck puffer jacket which is THE BEST COAT EVER. Honestly, I can’t put into words how much I love that jacket, it’s just perfect. I wore it to death last Winter and I still wear it all the time. It’s got a ton of life left in it but I really regret is not picking up another one as I’m going to be absolutely devo’d when it’s time to lay it to rest 🙁

OOTD: J'adore white vinyl trousers | TheLizzieLloyd.com

I threw on some white heels and my favourite vintage earrings to complete the look. I’m a sucker for gold-toned 80s costume jewellery, I just love how extra it is. I’m forever on the hunt for more pieces as I love the unique touch of glam they add to an outfit but an added bonus for me is that I love feeling connected to an era I’m gutted I missed out on. The red and gold combo of these is everything isn’t it?

OOTD: J'adore white vinyl trousers | TheLizzieLloyd.com


Vinyl trousers: Topshop

Jacket: Bershka (in different colours here, here and here)

T-shirt: Boohoo

Heels: New Look Premium 

Earrings: Vintage

OOTD: J'adore white vinyl trousers | TheLizzieLloyd.com

Have you added any vinyl to your wardrobe yet? Do you do the sleeve push-up too? Let me know in the comments below!

Lizzie xx


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