Let me introduce you to the first post in my new weekly series called “fave outfits of the week.” It will cover my fave outfits on my Instagram from the week before and will go live every Monday. It’s also a permanent fixture so make sure to check back in every Monday to catch the latest! Of course everything will be linked if it’s available but if it’s vintage/old season/out of stock/not online I’ll always try my best to find you the next closest thing. I got your back, girl!

So, without further ado, let’s get into it… Enjoy!


shoulder pads and vinyl kick flares | thelizzielloyd.com

shoulder pads and vinyl kick flares | thelizzielloyd.com

How amazing are these vinyl kick flares?! They’re a great dupe of Ellery’s absolutely amazing ones from AW17 and also super similar to their SS18 version too. I live for a statement trouser and, if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll already know that I’m a fan of contrast stitching, into ring pull zippers and have an unhealthy obsession with vinyl so it was inevitable that I’d love this pair. Everything about them is just perfection and I particularly love how different they are to the rest of my burgeoning vinyl collection. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure they’re sold out now but I’ve linked a really cool pair (that I also have and love!) that were the next closest thing I could find.

I’m the hugest fan of this denim jacket so I’ve been living in it ever since I got it. It’s an absolutely amazing dupe of Balenciaga’s boxy jacket that was a big hit last season but in all honestly I actually think I prefer my version 🙊 I’m really digging the shoulder pads, I just love how they make a silhouette so much more striking so I can’t wait to experiment more with them!

Jacket: Bershka (similar here and cropped (and only £9!!) option here)

Roll neck: Zara (old but similar herehere and cropped (and just £10!) here)

Sunglasses: Amazon

Kick flares: Topshop (closest vinyl ones here and non-vinyl here)

Heels: Topshop (old but most similar I could find are these pink satin ones here)

Earrings: Vintage (similar here)


if Chanel and Clueless had a baby in suit form | thelizzielloyd.com

I tried this little tweed co-ord on the other day. It’s giving me serious Chanel-crossed-with-Clueless vibes and I’m so here for it! I’d actually been looking (admittedly quite passively) for a high-waisted tweed short suit for the longest time so when I saw this in the store I made a speedy beeline for it.

It’s just delicious isn’t it?! I love the frayed hemlines, that the skirt is actually high-waisted (which a lot of skirt suit co-ords aren’t) and as it’s a co-ord these pieces would look just as fab worn separately as they do together. I love co-ords for this reason, you really do get more bang for your buck as they’re so versatile. This set in particular also looks a ton more premium than it’s high-street price tag which I’m super impressed with.

I just paired it with my gold/green jewellery that I wear everyday. Jewellery-wise I love a green and cold combo, there’s just something about it that looks so delicious! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this watch before but it’s literally perfection in watch form, in my eyes at least, and will most likely be surgically attached to my wrist until the day I die, if not buried with me. I actually bought my boyfriend this exact same watch last year but was absolutely devo’d after looking high-and-low for something similar for myself and finding that everything else paled in comparison. Fast-forward a few months and we’re now twinning which he’s not overly ecstatic about 😂 but I’m pleased as punch so that’s the main thing haha.

Jacket: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Other cute skirt suits: in baby blue here and super affordable (only £22 for the set!) similar tweed one here

Watch: Nixon (also with a lush blue face here)

Ring: Vintage (similar here)

Phone case: Amazon (super affordable)


camel puffer and black leather skinnies | thelizzielloyd.com

Holy moly guacamole, can we please take a moment to appreciate how delicious this puffer is?! I’d been looking for a camel puffer for ages so when I stumbled across this one I snatched it up in about a millisecond. I’m getting serious Vetements (slash Puma x Fenty) vibes from it for the tiniest fraction of the price.

There are two reasons why it looks so Vetements-esque. 1) It has big puffs. I only go for big puffs on my puffers because they invariably look cleaner, sleeker and more luxe than their titchy puff cousins. 2) Due to how deliciously oversized it is. I’ll let you in on a little secret, this jacket is only like that because I actually sized up to a UK18! Of course it’s a great puffer anyway, but by being super-oversized it looks a ton more expensive than it actually is and could definitely pass for designer. This isn’t unique to this coat though; I bought a longer puffer a few weeks ago that has the same premium vibe due to buying it in a UK16. Definitely give my little styling nug a go if you’re digging how it looks!

Onto the rest of the look. These leather-look trousers are super old now I’m afraid but I’ve linked a few other options below. It may still be worth checking in-store though as I’d have thought they’d be a permanent fixture as they’re a classic that never goes out. I absolutely love them and wear them all the time as they go with everything. These ones are actually a coated skinny jean so they mould to the shape of the body in such a perfect way that I find them to be even more flattering than a leather trouser. I teamed them with my fave ever boots from Zara that are giving me all of the Louis Vuitton star trail boot vibes for a snip of the price. I’m a sucker for a lace-up heeled boot but I particularly love these ones as they’re deliciously high but also super easy to walk in.

I’ve got a lot of time for mini sunglasses at the mo so I topped this look off with this pair that were a great, affordable AF buy from Amazon. I just love how they make an outfit that much sassier. I’ve mentioned it before but I have a real weakness for sunglasses, my collection is genuinely bordering on ridiculous now but you can never have too many pairs! A cool pair of sunnies really can change your whole look and they needn’t necessarily be expensive. I found so many of my current faves on Amazon at super reasonable prices so it’s definitely worth checking on there if you’re on a budget.

Sunglasses: Amazon (I also have and love thesethese and these too)

Rollneck: ASOS (old but similar here and ribbed version here)

Puffer: H&M (most similar in mustard here and in black vinyl here)

Trousers: Primark (pretty much exactly the same here and ones with cool zips here)

Boots: Zara (these ones look amazing and affordable options here and here)


checked suit and gucci belt bag | thelizzielloyd.com

checked suit and gucci belt bag | thelizzielloyd.com

Seriously into this outfit, especially as it includes two of my fave pieces in my wardrobe: my Gucci belt bag and my Reebok Club C 85s. I picked both of these up last year and I haven’t featured them on the blog until now so I’ll introduce them individually in a mo. Also, I was actually featured in an article on the Miss Selfridge website in this look and reposted on their Instagram too, so have a little gander at those if you fancy it.

I’ve already raved about why I love co-ords above but this checked suit is particularly tasty. It’s the combination of the windowpane check with the masculine, slightly oversized fit, cropped ankle and button detailing that makes this set a winner in my book. There are so many different ways to wear it (which I’ll be showing you in my first Youtube video, that’s coming v soon!) but on this day I went for all the 80s vibes and I’m here for it!

checked suit and gucci belt bag | thelizzielloyd.com

Say hello to my first fave item in my wardrobe: the Gucci Marmont matelassé leather belt bag in hibiscus red. I first featured this bag on the blog in a wishlist way back in August and then I featured it again a few weeks later in another post that was a roundup of my current favourite Gucci bags. If you’ve read either of those posts you’ll know that I’d been lusting hard over it ever since I first saw it in Gucci’s Pre-Fall 17 collection yonks ago. Needless to say I was absolutely over the moon when my amazing boyfriend only went and treated me to it for our 7 year anniversary in September! I’m still so besotted with it, it’s such a statement piece that really elevates and pulls together pretty much any outfit you wear it with. It works perfectly with this kind of look though, as it both defines my waist and adds the perfect pop of colour.

reebok club c 85 in chalk with green | thelizzielloyd.com

These were my absolute favourite trainer purchase last year without a doubt. Again, I featured these in a wishlist way back in August last year but I picked them up shortly afterwards and have been loving them ever since. I really like the shape of them as they’re nice and slim on the foot and I also think that this particular colourway is absolute perfection. These ones are from the Club C 85 vintage drop so they’re an off-white which I absolutely love as they give me all the retro vibes. They also come in a huge range of colours/textures from your standard white (which my boyfriend has, we have the same taste haha) right through to pastels and suedes. They’re also super comfy too!

Jacket and trousers: Miss Selfridge

Alternative dreamy culotte suit: blazer here and culottes here

Rollneck: ASOS (old but similar here and ribbed version here)

Belt bag: Gucci (affordable dupes here, herehere and in black here)

Sunglasses: Amazon

Trainers: Reebok (also in vintage white here and white here)

Watch: Nixon

Necklaces mostly vintage (top-bottom): Dior pearl (vintage Dior necklaces here), round disc (similar here) and round crab (similar here)



all red | thelizzielloyd.com

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already know that I’m a huge fan of head-to-toe red, so last week’s #TopTeeTues is rather apt. The top is actually from the kid’s section at Zara and only cost about £6 which is a mega barg! I always check out the men’s and kid’s sections too as I often stumble across cool pieces that I know I won’t see every other gal about town wearing. If you’re on a budget, the kid’s section (for both boys and girls) is a huge hidden secret as most places go up to age 15 which I find to be generously sized and it’s ridiculously cheaper than adult sizes! I’m 5ft8 so although trousers are mostly a no-go for me (camel toe central), I’ve picked up some great outerwear, skirts and tops over the years. I normally push my sleeves up a little to show my wrists so if anything’s a little short in the arm department it’s usually not a problem.

Again, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I’ve been living in vinyl trousers as I find them a super fun alternative to skinny jeans. Last year I waxed lyrical about my love for vinyl here and touched upon it above so I’ll keep it brief. This pair are from Miss Selfridge and I picked them up in a couple of different sizes so that I have options I can choose from dependent on what I’m up to. The smaller pair (these ones) are perfect for nights out as they’re really form-fitting whereas the larger pair look great with trainers for a more casj vibe. I’m pretty sure they’re sold out now but I’ll link a few options below.

Tee: Zara kids (now only £2 but just a few left!)

Other cool red slogan tees: here, here and here

Trousers: Miss Selfridge (sold out but similar here and super affordable here)


vintage adidas and a pinstripe flare | thelizzielloyd.com

vintage adidas and a pinstripe flare | thelizzielloyd.com

I absolutely love retro sportswear and despite having picked this jumper up years ago, it’s still giving me life with all it’s 80s vibe goodness. I wore it with these amazing flares from Bershka that are perhaps the most flattering trouser ever invented. The tight fit on the derriere and thighs that widens into a flare past the knee combined with the vertical pinstripes is super slimming and literally gives the illusion of legs for days which I’m always here for. These exact ones may be sold out now but I’m definitely going to pick up some more in this style as I now consider them a wardrobe essential, they’re just too good! Luckily there’s tons of options on the high-street right now so I’ll link my faves below.

Jumper: Adidas (vintage but same vibe here and a pink velvet one here that’s currently 50% off!)

Pinstripe flares: Bershka (similar (and reduced to £12!) camel version here and super long ones that would look amazing with heels here)

Rollneck: ASOS (old but similar here and ribbed version here)

Backpack: Louis Vuitton (vintage)

Boots: New Look (old but similar here)

Watch: Nixon

Ring: Vintage (similar here)

Necklaces mostly vintage (top-bottom): Dior pearl (vintage Dior necklaces here), four leaf clover (similar here), wishbone (similar here), round disc (similar here) and round crab (similar here)

Which look is your fave? Let me know down below!

Lizzie xx


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